Serrapeptase-Amazing Enzyme Therapy

silkwormThe most remarkable feature of Serrapeptase is the fact that it does not harm living tissues in the human body, but dissolves non-living tissues. Examples include blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaque. Dr. Hans Nieper MD, a German physician, studied proteolytic enzymes for the treatment of artherosclerosis. His research on Serrapeptase was so extensive that he referred to Serrapeptase as the miracle enzyme because of its ability to effectively dissolve arterial plaque in the human body without damaging the lining of the arterial wall. Click here to learn about Serrapeptase.

Additional clinical studies in Europe and Asia have proven Serrapeptase as an effective anti-inflammatory medication. It is also effective in fluid reduction, anti-edemic A clinical trial in Japan confirmed that Serrapeptase reduced inflammation from post-operative swelling. A study team in India found Serrapeptase to be an effective treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

This natural proteolytic enzyme is isolated from a microorganism in the intestine of a silkworm. Initially, it was noted that silkworms used this enzyme to dissolve proteins in their tough cocoons to free the butterfly. Through much research and clinical trials, it was determined that Serrapeptase is effective for many conditions. Europe and Asia have used Serrapeptase on a large scale, but it was only introduced to the United States in 2002. Go to to learn more!

Health Benefits Of Serrapeptase

arterySerrapeptase is a natural organic enzyme extracted from the silkworm. In nature, this enzyme is produced by the silkworm to break down their tough cocoon so that the butterfly is easily released. Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Hans Napier, a German physician conducted numerous clinical trials and experiments to document the benefits of this enzyme for humans.

He categorized Serrapeptase as a proteolytic enzyme meaning that this enzyme could digest proteins that are found in meat. By studying the silkworms, he realized that people suffering from arterial plaque blocking the blood flow in their arteries would benefit because the enzyme digested the plaque and dissolved the clots that accumulated. This phenomenal discovery allowed people to improve their cardio-vascular health, reducing the possibility of strokes and heart attacks.

In Asia and Europe, Serrapeptase has been used successfully as a alternative medicine for over two decades to remove arterial plaque and fatty deposits in the arteries. This enzyme have been shown to be beneficial for improving other health issues, especially those involving inflammation. In many cases, patients using Serrapeptase enzyme on a regular basis could completely treat arterial damage successfully. There are countless positive testimonies throughout the internet that support the positive effects of Serrapeptase.